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Dances in the Raw

This was for a modern dance event at WWU back in the college days. The theme of the show, IIRC, was new dances that hadn’t had a lot of rehearsal time to finalize the show. I had made a real arty poster, but then on a whim I chased an idea. I bought a steak, scanned it, cooked it, and finished this poster while eating it.

Of the two designs, this is the one Nolan, the director, chose. I always wondered if people would read too much into the fact that the steak looks like Africa, but no one said anything about it.


Remove Politics from Facebook

An update: A while back I posted a workaround for setting up keywords in to remove politics from Facebook.’s original idea was to limit exposure to Facebook’s myriad Anne Geddes wannabees a shade during our social media forays.



I don’t know if it’s my fault or not, but after I made that post, the makers of recently released the Chrome extension, which already has the most-common political keywords factored in.

You should install it, and then have fun on Facebook like you originally planned on doing when you created your account in the first place.

nightmare header

The Commercial I was In a While Ago

This photo brought to my attention by Brad, who stumbled onto this photo of me on Flickr, which he understandably misunderstood to be a “fake band photo.”

The Nightmare

Good thing we found the safe room.

This is actually the cast of “The Nightmare,” a commercial I appeared in for Norton AntiVirus Gaming Edition with my friend Shain, produced by the talented masterminds at Bellingham’s ToolHouse. (Wow! It’s featured on their frontpage!) It follows, and is a parody of Valve Software’s Left 4 Dead, which I’m a fan of, so I was stoked to be part of the project.

I had all but forgotten about this. I really liked the work and the people involved, but didn’t get a call back for a second commercial. Probably should have rehearsed my lines a little better.

Facebook Charging to DM Users You Don’t Know

Facebook charging for DMs

Facebook charging for DMs

I got this prompt from Facebook today when trying to DM a contest winner for PreSonus on Facebook. The winner and I are not friends on Facebook, which means a message would generally go to their “Other” box, where messages are often overlooked.

It costs a buck to prioritize your message so that it goes to the regular in-box. Interesting.

What are your thoughts on this? I’m not sure if I like it or not. I mean, no one ever checks their FB “Other” Box. Did you know you even had one?)

Rare Night of the Living Dead 1990 Blu-Ray: mine!

They're coming to get you, Barbara.

They’re coming to get you, Barbara.

Heck yes! I just got my super-rare sold-out Blu-Ray copy of Night of the Living Dead! This is the 1990 version directed by Tom Savini. I won this from a giveaway over at Cinema Lowdown, and I recommend you check them out because they make dreams come true.

This release is somewhat controversial, for a couple reasons. First, the color timing is dramatically altered from the original release. Secondly, Twilight Time only made 3,000 of them!

For more info regarding these controversies, check out Cinema Lowdown’s interview with the Director of Photography from the film, Frank Prinzi ASC.

Very stoked to have this one all the same, I’ve always liked this movie. Ebay prices are already up to and over $100…

Hello, Ladies.

I wish I could recall what sequence of curiosities prompted me to go looking there, but the screencap presented here is the entirety of the “Men Seeking Women” personal ad section of Tasmania’s Craigslist. You’re welcome.