Monthly Archives: July 2012

So, this is happening.

Don’t forget:
you’re on probation, mister.

We have a friend who needs to get rid of a dog, pictured left. The dog is a little nervous, and barks when people come in and out of the house, and the current owner lives in a house full of comings and goings. She’s decided it’s best to give up the dog. Girlfriend and I are auditioning said dog until Tuesday. It might be a good fit because I’m here all day, and our lease states there can’t be a dog in the place younger than 3 years. This dog is 3.

He’s called “Cider,” which we aren’t into, so we’ve been calling him “Spider” so as not to confuse him.  He’s smart, comes with tricks (including high-five, speak, jump up, etc.) and is generally really quiet.

We think he’s a Shiba Inu / Lab mix but can’t be sure.  We also don’t know if we’re gonna keep him. So far he seems like a great dog, though.

“Solely for Private Home Viewing by Pay Television Subscribers”

So, I went to fire up “CreepShow” on Netflix Watch It Now, and was presented with this anachronism:

Dude, where’s my relevance?


What’s going on here? Did Netflix just grab some old late-night cable run of CreepShow? I’m not even viewing it on television. And doesn’t streaming over the Internet count as “other use,” and potentially “copying?” Also, look at how warped those horizontal bars are. It’s like Netflix duped this from an aging VHS copy that someone taped off of USA’s “Up All Night” in 1992.