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How To Remove Annoying Political Posts From Your Facebook Feed—Or Anything Else You Don’t Like—Without Unfriending Anyone


[UPDATE 2-11-13: I just learned that the makers of this app,, have released! Check it out!]

So, there’s a plugin for Chrome called, which is hilariously insensitive in its concept. The idea is that folks tend to share photos of babies very liberally on Facebook, and, well… those of us who feel overpopulation is the root of everything wrong on planet Earth aren’t so into that. So, it scans your facebook feed for photos of babies using keyword searches for things like “little angel,” “first steps,” “daddy’s favorite,” etc.

Thing is: it lets you add your own keywords—and they don’t have to be baby-related. So, go ahead and add “Romney” to the keyword list. Or “Obama,” or “Walter Mondale,” if you’re feeling nostalgic:

Take that, Mondale!


Best/worst part? When a picture of a politician is removed via the keyword filer, it still replaced the post with the phrase “Baby Removed.”

Get Unbaby.Me here. When installed, the logo will appear to the right of your URL bar and you’re 1 click away from the keyword setup.

Furthermore, you can choose what sort of content you would like to replace the offending photos, via image-based RSS. The UnBaby.Me default setting is cats photos from Instagram.

He pretty much just does this all the time.

We Decided to Keep the li’l Bastard.

He pretty much just does this all the time.

Never thought I’d see the day. I mean, I’m a cat person, but barely. By that I mean I don’t have cats. I can barely remember to water my plants enough.

But, after a grueling 2-week audition of walks in the sun, snacks, and sleeping, he made the cut—and it looks like this guy is gonna stick around.

His soon-to-be-former owner called him “Cider,” and we aren’t so into that, but we haven’t come up with an alternate.

I’ve just been calling him Red Dog.

So, this is happening.

Don’t forget:
you’re on probation, mister.

We have a friend who needs to get rid of a dog, pictured left. The dog is a little nervous, and barks when people come in and out of the house, and the current owner lives in a house full of comings and goings. She’s decided it’s best to give up the dog. Girlfriend and I are auditioning said dog until Tuesday. It might be a good fit because I’m here all day, and our lease states there can’t be a dog in the place younger than 3 years. This dog is 3.

He’s called “Cider,” which we aren’t into, so we’ve been calling him “Spider” so as not to confuse him.  He’s smart, comes with tricks (including high-five, speak, jump up, etc.) and is generally really quiet.

We think he’s a Shiba Inu / Lab mix but can’t be sure.  We also don’t know if we’re gonna keep him. So far he seems like a great dog, though.

Microsoft Tablet.

I’m not a Microsoft fanboy by any stretch, and I’ve got my reservations against Apple for several reasons as well.

That said, do your homework before you throw stones. Or just don’t throw stones. Maybe that’s better. No throwing.

Lightning in a Bottle Box

While this may seem new and exciting, the ability to produce and capture lightning actually dates back several moons. The best known implementations of this technology include microwave ovens, extreme weather simulatiors for ant farms, and Red Bull energy drinks.