Fright Night Poster

I don’t know that this ever saw the light of day until now. The big image is scanned from a MONSTER film trade journal I got at an estate sale. The rest are from a book on monster makeup that I had when I was a a kid, lost, and then found again at a book sale at the Bellingham Public Library. All press type set by hand.

IIRC, there was a miscommunication and someone else’s poster got printed/hung.


Stanley Kubrick Faked The Moon Landing


So here’s a long opinion video about how Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing, and went on to fill The Shining with many, many hidden messages about the experience. I’ll be the first to confess that the filmmaker’s obsession with numerology in this admittedly thorough study alllllmost ruins it for me. Narrator straddles the line between “astute guy with time on his hands” and “conspiracy theorist.” But it’s still funscinating.

If you’re like me, you know there are advantages to flexing your well-oiled tolerance muscles like a good liberal, so please do so and strap in. If you pretend that the numerology isn’t here, and instead focus on the film’s musings on The Shining’s undeniable use of symbolism, it becomes clear that something might just be going on here at more than a  just a surface level—which has always been true of The Shining.

But still. This is a fascinating take on the picture. It didn’t change my mind, as I still have yet to be convinced that there’s been a fake moon landing, which is something of a prerequisite here.

Here’s The Shining Code 2.0, from Michael Wysmierski.

I watched the whole thing. Good to have on in the background while you are sorting laundry or cleaning house. Which you should do, by the way. It looks like a tornado hit in there.

I found this while looking up more info on Room 237, which I just saw, and was awesome, and contains at least five different film nerd theories on what The Shining is really about.

Creative Space Poster

The only show I ever put on, I was a nervous wreck. Tons of underage drinking going on in the street outside the venue—the oldest brick building in the state.

The bull is lifted from a liquor advert from an old Playboy mag, but what’s really interesting about this one to me is how well that freebie font called whatchamajig works with it.


New Age Retailer Ads

While it wasn’t my common charge, I was tasked with designing an ad or two at New Age Retailer. No industry gets more use out of glowy, cloudy Photoshop layer effects.



Roller Derby Poster

I did a few of these f0r the Bellingham Roller Betties back in the day, but I don’t even remember doing this one. But I must have, it was on my hard drive. Looks like some of the usual suspects. I think the gal doing the punching was a stock photo of a female boxer that I found, with the eyes of a black metal musician and the mouth of The Joker, but turned upside down to look completely horrible.


What’s Up Cover featuring Idiot Pilot

This came about just as Idiot Pilot landed their song on the soundtrack to the first Transfomers movie. Well, no, not the animated movie, the Michael Bay movie. I remember it being odd that I had to work through their manager in LA to get to their record rep at wherever even though they probably lived like a block from me. Not a swipe against them or anything, these guys are the nicest guys ever and earned their success.

People either liked or hated this cover, and I overheard a few conversations about how lame it was that What’s Up! went the “Teen Heartthrob” route  on this one.

The unnerving fact is that I lifted the basic layout from an adult DVD jacket. 



Halloween at the 3B

This may have been my most ambitious poster. Main image is a scan from a book I had as a kid on monster makeup, type is all press type arranged by hand and scanned in. It was then arranged in InDesign, printed to transparency separations at Kinko’s, two screens were burned from the transparencies by Michelle, and final poster was silkscreened by hand in my Bellingham apartment.

Haloween night