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Neil Boyle's "The First Hundred Years"

The Art I Got

Neil Boyle’s “The First Hundred Years”

My Uncle Jim gave me this. It’s called “The First Hundred Years,” by Neil Boyle. I’m trying to figure out what it’s worth.

It’s got two certificates of authenticity, One stating that the mixed-media piece is an Artist’s proof, numbered at 86/100, and that it was printed in March 1986.

The other certificate states that the piece uses gold leaf that was removed from the Statue of Liberty during it’s 1982-1992 restoration.

I can find little on the artist online, and only a couple examples of what his work has sold for. The piece is quite large at 17¼” x 35″, not including the frame. Anyone know where to get something like this appraised?

Sawblade Cross, $13

Via this auction. I don’t get it. I mean, I guess I get it, tough guys love Jesus and want to represent both sides of their admittedly complex (two parts!) personas. But isn’t there something in that dusty ol’ book about humility? Or meekness? Or something like that?

I bet they sell them to these guys.

The passive-aggressive will inherit the Earth

“Solely for Private Home Viewing by Pay Television Subscribers”

So, I went to fire up “CreepShow” on Netflix Watch It Now, and was presented with this anachronism:

Dude, where’s my relevance?


What’s going on here? Did Netflix just grab some old late-night cable run of CreepShow? I’m not even viewing it on television. And doesn’t streaming over the Internet count as “other use,” and potentially “copying?” Also, look at how warped those horizontal bars are. It’s like Netflix duped this from an aging VHS copy that someone taped off of USA’s “Up All Night” in 1992.